Student In Asia


Is this a stereotypical Asian student?

This response is from a student in Malaysia who we interviewed to get these answers about school and pressure.

  • -Do you feel under pressure when you study at school? Why?

A: Sometimes because most of our parents are expecting good grades from us.

  • -How many subjects do you take at school? Name…

A: 7 ; English,Malay Language,History,Science,Geography,Mathematics and Living Skills

  • – How long do you spend doing homework from school at home?

A: about 2 differs

  • -What out of school studies do you take? E.g. tuitions? What type? Care to give a timetable?

A: Math home tuition (every Friday at 2 pm-3.30 pm).

  • -Who encourages you to get higher grades? E.g. parents, teachers?

A: My family.

  • -Why do you think these people do? ( why do you think they encourage you)

A: Education is very important to them so I try to work hard.

  • -Do you know anyone who is under huge pressure to get good grades? If so, how and by who?

A: Most of my friends.I guess by their parents

  • -Why do you think education is so competitive in Asia?

A: I think it’s because most Asian parents encourages them to do well in their studies and most of the students work hard to be at the top

  • -What do you think the differences are between schools in asia and schools in New Zealand/ European countries?

A: I think that schools in New Zealand/European countries are more ‘relaxing’ compared to schools in Asia.I heard that schools in New Zealand/European countries give their students a few weeks off before an exam just so that they have enough time to prepare for it.Some schools in Asia informs their students about an exam just about a couple of weeks before the real exam.Therefore,most of the students would not have enough time to prepare for it and they would work twice as hard.Schools in Asia are tougher on students too


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